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Espinoza Plaza et al. Use of panoramic radiography and computed tomography to prevent inferior alveolar nerve injury during impacted mandibular third molar surgery: Literature review 1362
Castañeda Zamora et al. Prevalence and types of allergy in patients with titanium implants 1245
Prada Chapoñan et al. Risk factors associated with gingivitis in children – Literature review 520
Castañeda Zamora et al. Treatments used on teeth of children affected by molar incisor Hypomineralization, a systematic review 480
Infante Guevara et al. Influence of low Socioeconomic level on the deficiency of dental brushing in school children 271
Cardozo Guerrero et al. Factors that influence the appearance of halitosis in children 268
Ancajima Ramírez et al. Pregnancy, orthodontics and bone resorption 259
Garcia Junchaya et al. Comparison of treatment with the Invisalign System and Traditional Orthodontics 236
Carranza Jara et al. Anterior crossbite in children – Literature review 136
Valenzuela Ramos et al. Presurgical assessment of impacted mandibular third molars: a literature review 130
Puente Quepuy et al. Factors Related to Dental Implant Failure 125
Lau Morales et al. Efficacy of the canine mandibular index technique with permanent dentition to estimate sex in humans 131
Cruz Quevedo et al. Chronology of tooth eruption in canines and inferiors 102
Valenzuela Ramos et al. Eagle syndrome: a review of the literature 98
Castro Moncada et al. Exogenous black pigmentations in deciduous dentition associated with ingestion of ferrous sulfate 96
Carranza Lizana et al. Pathologies associated with the eruption of the third molar 95
Lozano Zanelly Editorial 95
Santos Quiroz et al. Chronology of eruption of permanent dentition, Literature Review 93
Arica Perales et al. Prevalence of periodontal disease in pregnant patients: a systematic review 92
Placencia Vera et al. Relationship of prolonged pacifier use with acute otitis media 91
Guerrero Perez et al. Factors Associated with Gingivitis in Pregnant Women in a Disadvantaged Population 91
Valenzuela Ramos et al. Clinical-radiographic considerations of residual cyst and dentigerous cyst: a literature review 91
Puente Quepuy et al. Factors related to the failure of dental implants 90
Puente Quepuy et al. Etiological Factors related to Neonatal Teeth 88
Lozano Zanelly Editorial 87
Benavente Timoteo et al. Chronology of permanent teeth eruption 87
Medina-Carranza et al. Risk factors associated with dental caries in infants 85
Lozano Zanelly Editorial 85
Lozano Zanelly Editorial 83
Lozano Zanelly Editorial 81