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Iron Deficiency Anemia: A Global Health Challenge
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Anemia ferropenica

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Iron Deficiency Anemia: A Global Health Challenge. (2023). World Health Journal, 4(1), 52-55.


Iron deficiency anemia, a global disorder, is characterized by reduced hemoglobin levels due to iron deficiency. This review focuses on research exploring the incidence, origins, and impact of this condition. A systematic literature review was conducted using medical databases such as PubMed and Web of Science. Methodology: Inclusion criteria were applied to select relevant studies addressing epidemiological aspects, risk factors, diagnostic methods and treatment options related to iron deficiency anemia. Results: The analyses evidenced a considerable prevalence of iron deficiency anemia in various demographic groups, emphasizing the relevance of diet, blood loss, and nutrient absorption disorders as predominant factors. Common symptoms included fatigue and pallor. Diagnostic accuracy, based on specific tests, is crucial for early detection and prevention of complications. Conclusion: Despite being a preventable and treatable condition, iron deficiency anemia underscores the urgency of comprehensive strategies. This involves the promotion of public awareness, supplementation programs, and improved access to medical care to ensure timely diagnosis and effective treatment.

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