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Factors related to the failure of dental implants
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Factors related to the failure of dental implants. (2021). World Health Journal, 2(1), 02-06.


Introduction: The dental implant is a dental solution that helps the aesthetics of the human being, especially those people who have a missing tooth. This treatment must have surgical planning and adequate prosthesis to avoid failure. Objective: To determine the most common factor related to the failure of dental implants and to identify what percentage prevails more over early and late failures. Methodology: review of articles and documents related to the topic on factors related to dental implant failure. Bases such as Pubmed and Scielo will be used. The research covered the periods from 2015 to 2020 and the PRISMA checklist was used to execute the review. Results: five articles were selected. All reported different factors on the failure of dental implants or prostheses: however, there were 2 articles that agreed that they were due to the osseointegration factor. Conclusion: the osseointegration process was identified as the most frequent cause of dental failures (early phase).



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