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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2022): World Health Journal (January - June) 2022
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World Health Journal (January - June) 2022

The World Health Journal, launched in June 2020. It is an academic and scientific publication edited and fully sponsored by Professionals On Line, Peru. This publication is focused on health sciences worldwide, and publishes original articles and papers related to medical sciences, epidemiology, and public health. The thematic focus of the journal favors original and unpublished articles in the area of public health, nutrition, health policies, social security, health statistics, health education, mental health, medical ethics, epidemiological surveillance, epidemiology, administration in health, health promotion, health systems and services, and the various approaches to evidence-based medicine and medical education. The Editorial Committee values in a special way the presentation of cases, and the approach of updating topics. The purpose of the Journal is to promote and disseminate research carried out in the Health sector at an international level.


Glenn Alberto Lozano Zanelly


Jessica Adanary Castañeda Zamora, Hebert Marín Silva, Marisel Roxana Valenzuela Ramos
02 - 09
Treatments used on teeth of children affected by molar incisor Hypomineralization, a systematic review
Christofer Prada Chapoñan, Alexandra Angelina Guadalupe Julca, Marisel Roxana Valenzuela Ramos
10 - 13
Risk factors associated with gingivitis in children – Literature review
Irvin Roni Medina-Carranza, Shirley Jhosetty Marlo-Campos, Marisel Roxana Valenzuela Ramos
14 - 20
Risk factors associated with dental caries in infants
Lesly Estefany Arica Perales, Yordin Wilder Díaz Molocho, Jenny Yudith Nicodemos-Arrascue, Juan Carlos Romero Julca , Marisel Roxana Valenzuela Ramos
21 - 29
Prevalence of periodontal disease in pregnant patients: a systematic review
Mariana Odette Placencia Vera, Angiella Cristina Ramírez Bustamante, Glendy Lisset Fustamante Flores, Marisel Roxana Valenzuela Ramos
30 - 35
Relationship of prolonged pacifier use with acute otitis media