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Prevalence of periodontal disease in pregnant patients: a systematic review
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Prevalence of periodontal disease in pregnant patients: a systematic review. (2022). World Health Journal, 3(1), 21-29.


Introduction: The stage of pregnancy involves different physiological variations that globally alter hormones, making a person's body the appropriate place for infections such as periodontal disease to develop. The objective of this study was to establish the prevalence relationship between periodontal disease and pregnant patients. Methods: articles not older than 5 years were examined, taking studies between 2017 and 2021, extracted from the main Pubmed, Science Direct, SCOPUS, Proquest and EBSCO databases, as well as for the development of the systematic review, the guidelines were followed. of PRISM. Results: For this work, different perspectives of both exclusion and inclusion were applied, for which several filters were passed, leaving 7 articles selected (n=1178). The different data found were passed through a process of extraction and subsequent ordering, following the standards of the study, as an analysis methodology, as well as the results. Conclusion: As a result, it was obtained that the prevalence of periodontitis in pregnant women is high, since in all the studies included in this investigation, percentages between 50% and 70% of prevalence in pregnant women were evidenced, this being a risk factor. This is important for pregnancy complications, as the newborn may show low birth weight or the mother a premature delivery, in addition to the physiological factors of a pregnant woman compromising the immune system, leaving her more prone to suffering this type of dental pathology.



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