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Is there a relationship between oral health and respiratory problems?
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Is there a relationship between oral health and respiratory problems?. (2023). World Health Journal, 4(2), 19-25.


Introduction: Dental pathologies have an adverse effect on overall health, quality of life and, in synergy with respiratory disorders such as asthma, their impact is enhanced in a detrimental way.. The appearance of a person's teeth and smile are the main critical components of facial attractiveness. Objective: To determine the existence of a causal trade-off between asthma and dental pathogens. Design: Systematic review of studies published from 2011 to 2023. Data sources: PubMed. Study selection: 5 reviewers searched, selected and extracted information from the articles. Results: out of 1407 reports, 56 studies were included and 1345 were excluded due to mismatched searched criteria, out of the 56 studies we finally included 13 studies that had adequate data. Conclusions: If there is a relationship between oral health and asthma due to the effect of immunosuppression of the drugs used to combat this disease which increases the risk of oral problems such as candidiasis, xerostomia, bruxism, caries and dental wear.

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