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Perception of dental esthetics in adolescents
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Dental aesthetics

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Perception of dental esthetics in adolescents. (2023). World Health Journal, 4(1), 11-36.


Introduction: Facial aesthetics affects not only how people are perceived by society but also how they perceive themselves. The appearance of a person's teeth and smile are the main critical components of facial attractiveness. Objective: To check the perception of adolescents about dental aesthetics using the WHO criteria. Design: Systematic review of studies published from 2002 to 2022. Data sources: PubMed, Eligibility criteria were articles that used: Oral Aesthetics Subjective Impact Scale (OASIS), a visual scale and the Dental Aesthetics Index (DAI). Study selection: Five reviewers searched, selected and extracted information from the selected articles. All pooled analyzes were based on random effects models. Results: Of 26 articles, 20 used the WHO criteria AND 6 met the inclusion criteria. All articles had adequate data to summarize in the meta-analysis. Adolescent perception did not change much over the years, since there were no differences in it, even those who underwent orthodontic treatment did not present changes. Conclusions: The psychological situation and oral well-being affect the perception of adolescents. The results come from 6 countries. The perception of adolescents is also influenced by malocclusion.

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